Tuesday, 18 October 2011

(Work) Day 7: Ahhhhhhh

Well, the weekend was kinda hell. Eyes itched, flat was a mess, kitchen not really functional, yuck, yuck, yuck. But on Monday, Chris son of David (very sweet guy) came and finished up everything that can be finished now. Today (Tuesday), we moved ourselves back into the kitchen. The flat is looking relatively normal, and the stress level is falling rapidly.

We still have the floor to do; then the plinths; then painting and tiling under the window and possibly over the cooktop (we hope to get the tiles in Andalusia next week--I have a 3-day teaching gig in Granada, and we'll be touring there and also in Cordoba and Seville. Sweet.) So I'm betting it will not be totally done until December, but the worst is over, by far.

So, John Lewis did come through, although in 6 days rather than 5 . . . and the weekend made that extra day esp. excruciating. We do have lotsa complaints though:

--the flooring scheduling is a disaster.

--our John Lewis designer (Noor) screwed up two critical building code items--he designed a microwave shelf too small for the smallest microwave (once ventilating room is added); and he told us we could have shelving in a boiler area where No Shelving Is Allowed.

--Noor also sold us a tap (aka faucet) that has the weakest hot water flow imaginable . . . and there's no way to fix it.

--Noor also let our countertops be built at UK standard height, even though our freestanding appliances going under them are built for the (lower) height of European counters. Being short people, we would have been happy with counters dropped the 2 inches or so. Now, they'll have to build in fillers.

As you might imagine, poor Noor is getting a piece of our minds. But really, ain't bad.

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