Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day 3; Trudging Along

Well, hey, they arrived (two of them!) at 8:50 today! They put up more shelves, hung doors, installed the fan, etc. Nothing very exciting.

Stress is high, though. Not sure why, as we are not doing the work. Could it be this?

Yup, this is the sad state of our usually orderly dining room. Very sad.

Or maybe it is this:

We thought it would help to keep one area completely normal, so we stored nothing in our bedroom. What we had not figured is that it would be a challenge to get in and out of said pristine area. Please note especially the obstruction at foot level (it's the end of a many-foot-long "upstand"). There have been no major 3 a.m. accidents yet, but here's our new standard middle-of-the-night dialogue:

--rumble, rumble, someone gets out of bed . . .
In Bed Person: Watch your step!!
Out of Bed Person: Yeah, yeah.

Tres romantic.

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