Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 4: Dinner

Indian food won out (it was closer). Here's Cynthia, well-fed at Palms of Goa.

I have somehow failed to mention that every night includes a mandatory stop at the one local pub that has LEFFE ON DRAFT. Heaven (to me). Here I am, indulging.


  1. Indian food! Cynthia drinking alcohol! Judith drinking alcohol! The cabinets look fab, BTW. As for the workers, do they stand on top of the washer to do their work, or are they very small and able to wend their way through the narrow spaces between the stuff?? (still thinking it WILL be finished tomorrow...but am notorious Pollyanna).

  2. Actually, Deb, they are big guys, esp. for Brits. David, the leader, is rugby sized. They do remarkably well shifting themselves, their gear, the old stuff, and the new stuff around a very restricted space--just the kitchen and the hallway. I should have more respect, and I do like 'em, but, then again, they swore they start at 8 am this morning, so we got ourselves organized early . . . and it is now 8:45 . . .

  3. Cannot imagine a rugby-sized anything wielding a hammer in between all those things! Good luck!