Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Challenge Ahead

Okay. Here we go.

John Lewis (an employee-owned department-store extraordinaire, for non-Brit readers) is redoing our kitchen *in one week*. We approved the design 6 weeks ago; we have paid all the costs; we met with the kitchen installer (David Cook) last week; we have today emptied out the old kitchen and made the flat as dust-resistant as we can.

David Cook and his guys arrive tomorrow--Monday morning. Will they be finished by Friday? Follow 'em here!

Finished means: everything except lights, painting, tiles, and floor. In essence, a working kitchen.

Fingers crossed . . . . here we go.

Here's the vintage-1974 kitchen, in all its glory:

Here's the kitchen from the hallway.

Right side . . .

. . . . and left side.

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