Monday, 10 October 2011

Day 1: Out of the gate, but s l o w l y

Well, they had promised to arrive 8-9, but they rolled in closer to 10. Not a propitious beginning. Main conversations before I decamped to the BL were about the lousy parking and whether to begin with tea or not.

They left before 4. Supposedly to fix some snags from a previous John Lewis job in Enfield (these guys live in Stevenage, btw, so they do a lot of driving).

Hefty 6 hour day.

They ate NONE of the cookies, dunked not a single tea bag, and consumed a tiny bit of milk. (I feel like Santa didn't like our offerings.)

Dust everywhere. Kitchen disassembled. All the new stuff blocking our hallway.

Not the greatest start, but a start!

Here's the kitchen, after one day's work:

And here's the hallway:


  1. please tell me you remembered to leave them sugar for the tea!

  2. Yes, yes. But we left them high-end sugar, clearly a mistake.